Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

DSI is committed to providing Minnesota’s communities with green energy solutions. We have more than 20 years of experience developing bio-fuel, wind and solar energy projects that will benefit communities for decades to come. 

Community Solar Gardens

Community solar gardens offer the benefits of solar energy without installing solar panels at your home or business. Community solar gardens are large, offsite solar arrays that produce and send energy to the electric grid. You can subscribe to gardens as either and individual or an organization, and your share of the electricity generated by the project will be credited to your utility bill each month.

Information for Landowners

DSI offers competitive land leases to farmers and other landowners for development of solar projects on their land. This is a great opportunity for landowners to generate stable, predictable income for 25+ years and at a premium rate. The community also benefits from more local jobs, discounted energy, and a healthier, cleaner environment. If you are interested in learning more about how we can work together, please click the button below

Wind Farm Development and Ownership Transition

DSI and its partners assist clients with the purchase, sale and/or re-powering of existing wind energy projects throughout the Midwest. We can also assist with re-qualifying existing wind farms for new federal Production Tax Credits. In addition, We work with those interested in developing new wind farms by assisting with all aspects of development, including planning and funding.


DSI has years of experience in the development of bio-fuel projects, including ethanol, biodiesel and methane. We can assist with all aspects of development of these projects, from initial concept to start-up. We have a wide network of partners that we have worked with to bring these projects to fruition.

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